Thursday, October 2, 2014

Milking It Twice

I dislike bad interpretations - 
scripture verses used
to strike the hairy palms 
of boys sure to go blind by
spilling their seed 
on the ground. 

The insolent jerk wouldn't 
do the hard thing and put 
in the work it takes to create 
life. His cream went unused.
Discarded is the only point. 

He wasted sperm. I waste milk.
But not because I disobey imperatives. 
I can't figure out how to resumé 
my skills, gifts and talents.  
An incessant drip wets my chest. 
If you really are a hungry world 
 needing what I have to offer -
 contact me. I'm a wet-nurse
 unbuttoning my shirtfront -
malnourished mouths 
suckling underutilized milk.  
Relieve my aching breasts.