Friday, April 10, 2015

Annual Generosity

I potter or is it putter?
around the yard
with my trug full of
tools disturbing the
worms' beneficial
tunneling and mating -
breeding friends loosening
dark loam for me.

After the weeding is
brought under control,
pruning done, the raked
mess piled and dumped,
the lawn mown for the first
time, and the bird bath bowl
found, cleaned and filled for the robins
lined up and
waiting to splash,

I treat myself to annuals -
a reward, dessert.
Annuals give it




spring and summer - color that is -
until frost freezes life
and color
out of them.

Pears will be ripen because
their blossoms invite bees. The Selkie,
Large Marge, the Hen and her Chicks,
and Fernando casually consult with the
crow building her nest in the neighbor's
tree and concur, it is good.