Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gray Whale Rising

A gray mass pushes
the water aside right in
front of me. Glistening
skin mottled with scars
and barnacles becomes
a massive cliff
heaving waterfalls
off its shoulders
into the sea.

He spirals
a quarter turn using one fin
to scoop the shallow
ocean floor. The other
fin waves at me
while his cavernous
mouth sieves a meal
I can't see.

Over and over he breaches -
traveling north - searching
the bottom - blowing his
co-ordinates to his one
and only land locked fan
who stands smitten with
wonder and ovation.

Bless the Lord 
oh my soul 
worship his holy name
sing like never before 
oh my soul
I worship your holy

The sun comes up 
it's a new day dawning
its time to sing your song again 
whatever may pass and whatever 
lies before me
let me singing 
when the evening comes. 

You are rich in love and slow to anger 
your name is great and your heart is kind 
for all your goodness I will keep on singing 
ten thousand reasons for my heart to find…...

This is the song
I was bellowing
wholeheartedly off key
and out of tune
over the water -
blaring it into the wind
before the gray rose up
in front of me.
My camera went mute
in the deafening,
silence of a divine
dance moving to the
music of a salty

Kayak Point April 18, 2015