Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I prefer pedaling a bike
over riding a motorcycle

I prefer paddling a kayak
over an amusement park ride

I prefer sailing
over motoring

I prefer cooking
over eating at a restaurant

I prefer buying a plant
over getting a pedicure

I prefer making bread
over buying it

I prefer weeding
over shopping

I prefer reading
over radio or TV

I prefer buying books
over buying programs

I prefer planting seeds
over feeding homeless addicts

I prefer putting the kettle on
over meeting at a coffee shop

I prefer being consistently devoted
over having consistent devotions

I prefer being poor in spirit
over being famous

I prefer being teachable
over knowing it all

I prefer friends who visit
over being a guest

I prefer being the beloved
over being insecure

I prefer shooting stars
over gift cards

I prefer bumblebees
over delivered bouquets

I prefer harbor seals on the dock
over Sea World performances

I prefer a walk in the woods
over walking the mall

I prefer being the church
rather than going to church

I prefer being
over doing

I prefer the sand and sea.