Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gift of Love

Today was a gift.  A girlfriend gave me a 'princess day'.   Debi is one of my 'beloveds' and treated me like royalty from the time I arrived at her house till it was time to go, 5 hours later.   Let me describe it:  

For my birthday about 3 weeks ago she gave me a pop up card inviting me to let her pamper me.   (I had the good sense to say yes, even though I always feel like a bull in a china shop or to put it more bluntly, like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, highly aware of his 'lack' of finesse.....in every way. She's fastidious, a decorating genius, delicate, refined, cultured, pedigreed, and extremely classy; but like a massage, making love or anything healing, being able to absorb and receive the gift without being self conscious is the key to thoroughly enjoying the benefits and pleasure.  Letting it fill you up so you can pour and dribble love on others who in turn get to receive the benefits and pleasure.   Like a  pitcher under a running faucet with a spigot at the bottom.)

I walked into a dream~her garden tub was running,  along with my favorite scent of Bath and Body Works skin care products, lotion, bath gel, a luffa, some new footsies, a fresh razor, a hair clip, 3 thick cuddly towels, and that's not all folks......exquisite music playing, a sitting chair waiting and a huge tray laden with a hot carafe of coffee, a red mug, warm cream, gorgeous strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar in darling little dishes, a warm poppy seed muffin with soft butter, a thick napkin and beautiful shiny fork all displayed on a lovely piece of linen.  

I felt wiggly and giddy with it all. Even though I'm a 'messy' I love beautiful.   This huge window looks out into the woods where the wind was singing, the trees whistling and the sun played hide'n seek with the puffy clouds.  I munched, drank and read till I became aware that slowly my skin was shriveling into white soggy mush. 

Her bedroom is picture perfect restful, so I got dried, dressed casually, staying to finish my book and coffee in an Alice in Wonderland chair.  

She wouldn't let me clean up after myself and made us a light lunch where we visited and enjoyed each other for a while.  

Collect a few people in your life who know you and want to love you, then collect lots of people who need and want loved by you.....    The most amazing thing for me is that I have more than a few ~ I feel blessed by many loving friends.  I stand indebted and can't repay, but somehow it's all good.   On top of that, have I ever told you all how much I like my husband and daughters?   How good they are at loving?   :)       

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