Friday, May 1, 2009

Bees Knees

Supposedly the land that the houses in our subdivision were built on used to be all strawberry fields.  Sandy fields.  Every year we bring in at least a yard of dark, rich compost to work in. Still, there are parts of the yard that have this flour like dirt that isn't even sand, and won't absorb water.   It is the strangest thing.  We will have to continue to amend the soil forever to get and keep it healthy.  

Because I want to invite the birds, bees, hummingbirds and butterflies, I'm trying to learn how to use non-harmful methods of controlling weeds, slugs and such, which is a challenge!   

Gardening for me this spring has been nonstop!   We built and filled 3 raised beds.  Put in strawberries, veggies and Tessa's herb garden and veggie bed.  Hopefully we will have grapes, strawberries, rasberries, asparagus, rhubarb, and blueberries and vegetables in abundance to enjoy.  Hope!

The wild flower border all around the yard actually came in thick, the sunflowers will need transplanted soon.  

Today one of my last projects is filling all my containers and baskets.  It is like dessert, so I saved it for last!   Why is a plain simple red 'geranium' in a pot so fun?  Why do baskets frothing with flowers and hummingbirds make us smile?  

Starting seeds is the biggest bang for my buck, so I am still planting little seed cups.  I feel like a child checking everyday to see if a little tiny shoot of green is popping out yet.  It is always amazing!  

We took out the landscape fabric underneath the cedar chips in 'Rosebud Park' out front. Quite a job!  I absolutely will never use that stuff again!   It is the equivalent of taking a shower with a raincoat or having sex with a condom.  The soil underneath just can't breath right, or benefit from the natural decomposition properly, etc.  My instincts were right.   It looks so happy now!

Soon all the hard work of the last month will have abundant benefits.  Fruit.  Flowers. Nourishment for my heart, body and soul.  

If I could jump up in the air while clicking my heals together, I would.  My body can't, but my heart is!  


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