Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bottle Cries

  Put a message in a bottle

fill it with anguish

pain enough 
to fill it full

fling it towards me~
I'll float it with 
tears of my own

searching always
I find them
one by one~

no hiding from 
noticing eyes 

each gathered into
a precious mound 
of stories heard
tears caught
help sent 
comfort brought~

washed up 
to mingle 
 in loneliness
found by love


Maureen said...

Very, very nice, Kathleen! You have a great sense of how to arrange the images (as well as shoot them). Alone they tell stories; with your poems, the stories multiply.

S. Etole said...

He puts our tears in a bottle ... beautiful reminder

Anonymous said...

tangled/ in loneliness/ found by love.


Glynn said...

I love this.

Anonymous said...

you exepressed so much here, so well.

Nitewrit said...

Fascinating as usual.


em said...

i love the letter dice, instead of paper...very creative and unique! i love the poem too! "help sent..." there's hope!

Kathleen said...

Thank you all. Sting inspired this with "Message in a Bottle". We think we are the only ones who feel alone sometimes, but everyone does. It doesn't go unnoticed, this I know. Someone cares.

Monica Sharman said...

Wow, this is quite an invitation.
Especially the "fling" part... :)

Susan Deborah said...

This one brought tears to my eyes.

Joy always,