Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Treasure Box

Words of affirmation/encouragement are my love language. Or is it physical touch/affection? They vie for first place. It's always a toss up. I feel loved with feedback and affection. Especially written.

A girlfriend sent me a tin box. I brought it with me to set on the table by the window of my little cabin on the beach. It is a better decoration than flowers. The box is stuffed full of love. Notes from a thirty two year old friendship. Notes of appreciation, validation, memories, acknowledgment, hope, thankfulness and affirmation. All written on exquisite pieces of paper. Words framed by pleasing texture and color.

A gift for my 50th birthday. As I read each one, tears poured down my cheeks. Tears of happiness at being celebrated. It's the nicest thing. I greedily and hungrily opened them faster and faster, gulping down the goodness. My heart was thirsty for such a feast. A meaningful present for such a time as this. Someone knew my need and prompted her.

It would be too embarrassing to tell you how many times I have reread them. Let's just say I lost count.

The lid is filled with rocks found beach combing. Thoughtful words side by side with friendship words. 

She had tucked a $50.00 Barnes and Noble gift card inside. It was completely unnecessary. The notes are the prize.

She looked back, remembering ahead, to the person I might become.  This box is full of grace. It is  lovely to have all my failures, mistakes, prickly edges, stupid choices, warts, boogers and glaring faults forgotten. Unremembered. 

I've always wanted to be a mouse in the corner at my memorial service. Weird? Am I the only one who wonders if my life has made a difference? Am I alone in wondering if there would be any "It's a Wonderful Life" sort of replay. Did it matter?

It would be fun to hear all the nice and funny things people only say when you're gone. Hopefully, people would show up and oblige me. Fantasy eulogies. 

And yet ~ because of this box stuffed full with words of life ~ eavesdropping at my funeral doesn't sound as appealing. Groan, it is possible that only a handful of silent people would show up. Introverts don't really draw crowds.  :)

I think this is real enough to last till the end; and better now than later. I can re-read them and hold them in my hand. Pet them. Smell them. 

My favorite note? "Manic looks fabulous on you, as do the age spots you celebrate." [snort] [bahahahaha]  Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" is thrashing around my head right now..........

Many thanks, my friend. It was just right, like the baby bear's porridge.  :)

Happy Birthday from you to me. Wish me not well, but to finish well. 


Phoenix-Karenee said...

You know... I think that's my love language too. And such a gift! It's beautiful! Your friend is a treasure, indeed. And now I have the idea too... *grin* I'm glad you shared the joy.

Anonymous said...

a thirty-one year friendship. now that's a treasure.

Claire said...

this is so so so special. she is a gem of a friend.

i am however not surprised. you have touched my life in the few encounters that we have had.

my love language is the same as your own. my inbox was filled with exactly that, just last week, from you.

thank you for being you kathleen.

Maureen said...

Women have the very best friendships.

It's a wonderful feeling to call you my friend.

Thank you for a delicious breakfast reading treat.

Anonymous said...

Oh the wonder of you. I too am learning new appreciations and realizing how easily we take for granted life's treasures. They cannot be put in a bank for a bank could not hold the magnitude worth of such treasures!

blessings to you and enjoy a marvelous day of celebrating YOU! Bev Still don't now how to do this blogging stuff...:)

Anonymous said...

Words of affirmation are absolutely my love language. I count the comments on my blog like a miser counts nickels. :)

Happy birthday. :)

S. Etole said...

treasures to be savored many times over ...

Rhonda said...

Your Daddy really loves you....I think YOU'RE his favorite! *wink wink*

You have filled my tank many times in a multitude of ways. Your writing ALWAYS opens my eyes and enables me to touch all the places in my heart I otherwise might not venture....Your passion for all things that matter is contagious! Your unique perspective stirs me to appreciate, wait, wonder, love, reflect, let go, and live life more fully that I did before I knew you.

Today I celebrate YOU! I wish you the everlasting delights of every "perfect gift, which comes from above."

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear and precious Friend.

Laura said...

What a great gift. The ones who love us always know the inroads to our hearts, don't they?

Happy birthday, Kathleen. You are beautiful.

Susan Deborah said...

Came over from Claire's place. How nicely you have shared this special gift with us. I am so glad that you have a lovely friend as that. Even I am a great fan of written stuff and have mnay of them.

Peace and joy to you always dear friend.


A Simple Country Girl said...

Oh young miss, your life makes a marvelous difference--each word plunked here and each comment left there. When one shares bits of herself with others as you do, you become etched into hearts. And that is a splendid gift to give.

I am a touch-camel (much to my husband's dismay) so that is not my love language, I am too hard on myself to desire gifts, and right now I cannot recall the others...I reckon my love language is likely words of affirmation as well. ;-)

Lyla Lindquist said...

Your friend -- a genius.

I must find a tin and begin to fill it. I know one who could use it.

What a beloved friend you must be to have received such a thing.

Melisa said...

What a great gift! And, I'm a bit like you in that respect -- yes! I'd love to be at my own funeral. Loved what was shared at a different one, though, and I aspire (and fall quite short!)to be like she was -- the same in death as life! Too often people are made out to be much better in death than they were alive, but not this dear woman! How I hope that for myself -- with the grace of God1

Kathleen said...

Thank you everyone. Karen, Nancy, Claire, Maureen, Melisa, Lyla and Country Girl, Susan, Susan, Rhonda, Erin and Laura. I'm not alone, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was an amazing gift! That has to be someone from HS? Wish it was from you Kali! ss