Monday, March 22, 2010

It Should Be

My little sister is married to a wonderful man. His sister is a notorious criminal. A christian criminal, who if you google her name, the articles surrounding her are filled with vitriol and ridicule. Christians don't want to claim her, it's embarrassing. Non-christians find her guilty of the heinous crime of child trafficking. 

Laura is the leader of the group of missionaries who tried to take children over the border to the Dominican Republic after the earthquake. 

I don't know all the details, intent, designs, plans or history. I do know it wasn't well thought out. The allegations against her personal life are exposing. The facts of her financial woes leave her naked. She has broken hearted parents. Siblings who are worried sick. Children who are motherless. 

Porn stars get a second chance, are loved by Jesus, the t-shirts say. And I agree with Turner that Jesus needs new PR. 

What about a woman who let her misguided passion take her ninety miles an hour in the wrong direction? Does she get to have a piece of that mercy, compassion, grace and love we throw about so lightly? 

She's still in prison. She's a pest to the government who has looming, dreadful issues to deal with. She needs an advocate, even as Haiti needs tents and every other kind of help. 

I know I have made some stupid mistakes, taken a wrong turn, let my feelings override common sense and wanted to save the world and make a difference, like Laura. She got severe consequences for it.

She, in her foolhardy attempt at rescue, in spite of herself, has my admiration. I never got off the couch. She has pink ones of steel. Big ones. The media has portrayed her as evil. There really is evil going on in Haiti at the moment, but she's a good smokescreen to distract us. 

If you are the praying sort, would you? I think she's learned a lesson. Can we forgive her and get her out of prison? Twitter brought Toyota down, maybe it can get Laura home. 

Here's a link to the Today show interview aired today. 


Maureen said...

How difficult a poverty of kindness must be for those who love Laura. I will keep her and all of you in my prayers, especially during this Lenten season. Blessings.

A Simple Country Girl said...

Yes ma'am I will pray. I know something of taking the heat or being ignored because of it. Her passion was fueled by God's.

Indeed she is paying dearly (and so is her family), but we must bridge the gap with prayers, petitions and pleas.


Lyla Lindquist said...

You just did an amazing thing. You humanized one who has been demonized. She's somebody's sister.

I wonder how often some of us in our exuberance to do a good thing have come so close to slipping over the line. Can we see this and say "there but for the grace of God..."

Thanks for sharing this, and I've prayed.

Anonymous said...

I heard someone speak yesterday of mercy very's made me think! Your mom told me the connections of this and it is good to hear your view. I will pray for her. It must be a lot for your dear sis to go through!

S. Etole said...

appreciate hearing more of the story ...

Laura said...

Oh, dear Kathleen,

I'm just catching up on this story. A real face to that reminder that there is always more to the story. Grace, grace, grace. Why don't we?

I am praying for Laura and your family. Passion sometimes acts first, sorts it out later. God knows the truth--all of it. It's the heart that He sees.

I received your beautiful card today and placed it with my other birthday wishes. Each time I see it, I will pray. Let it be a reminder for me that the world does not end at my threshold.

Love you.