Monday, March 1, 2010

Capturing Light

Far from us 
from the green isle
came a picture 
capturing light
it squeezed my heart
until tears appeared
reminding me to see again
notice anew 
glance away
then back once more
for a moment when 
pouncing on possibility
I might
catch light

Across the country
while mothering
and homemaking
another woman child 
chooses the way of love
capturing moments 
in a day 
when light radiates 
from her home
out of her heart 
into ours 

her way with light 
is fueled by pain 
I know this kind
of bright white light
she captures

it holds me captive
as I remember
forever lost are
those moments
before back when
I could not 
imagine them 

Claire Burge and Kelly Langner Sauer are photographers. 

Both are artists - they share their gifts lavishly. I'm thankful when art provokes and compels me to notice more. I went out to the back yard and my garden shed, surprised at the light I saw with my new eyes. Courage is capturing it.


Maureen said...

So lovely, Kathleen. You honor yourself in honoring Kelly and Claire.

Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful. They do amaze in their capture of light, truth, and life. :)