Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Leave the edges wild -
a hide for hunting
sirens and muses.

Leave the edges wild -
let nature nurse the wounds  
Muggles make.

Leave the edges wild -
shy ideas mate with
bold daring here.

We went to an Over the Rhine Concert at The Triple Door. They were new to us then, but we feel better acquainted now, after being immersed in the music and stories.

I found a tidbit on their website that prompted this poem. They found, fell in love with, and bought an old farm. As they started to reclaim it, a wise father encouraged them to leave the edges wild. They followed his advice. It seems like this slice of country has been the birthplace of much art, poetry, music, good living, laughter, goodness, and love.


Maureen said...

Great advice.

Artists who work with wood call it a "live edge".

Jennifer @ said...

Over the Rhine! Jealous...

I met them at Laity Lodge a couple years ago. Wonderful people; wonderful music.

Anonymous said...

I love short poems that carry a lot of meat. I really, really love this. "Let nature nurse the wounds / Muggles make" - fabulous. Love the recurring line, too.