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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Orcas Island Pottery

There is an enchanted place on Orcas Island. Orcas Island Pottery has deep roots, a good reputation, and really makes their art on site. The setting is a dream. You can wonder as you wander. Ponder as you peek around the next corner. And get lost in the colors and textures of earthen vessels made from a potter's hands on a wheel you can see in the studio through the window.

It is gratifying to touch things that aren't made in a factory. Especially not in a factory in India or China. Each piece felt solid in my hand. They felt sturdy, earthy, hearty, and immensely useable. The everyday kind of usable. When the everyday stuff is this pretty and satisfying, I think doing dishes would be a pleasure. Pottery is sensuous. It satisfies all my tactile and kinesthetic yearnings.

There are miniature vignettes waiting to be noticed at every turn, wherever you look. The mermaid actually waved to get my attention. The seal winked. There is even a storybook tree house. Photos can't do it justice. Hopefully, now you'll be tempted to go see for yourself.

They are also on Facebook besides the Etsy link above.

(If you google their website it does have a warning for malware if you enter the sight. I hope the owner's fix this as soon as possible. I'm assuming some third party infected this site - from what google said it hasn't originated from them.) 


Maureen said...

Love (pottery's a vice of mine). Will have to put this on my list of places to visit when I come out there.

S. Etole said...

The colors in these are remarkable. Some of those pieces are calling my name!

Louise Gallagher said...

Those bowls are exquisite! And I too hear some pieces calling my name... I'm resisting!

SimplyDarlene said...

mine, too, miss susan!

SimplyDarlene said...

i even like the simple gray piece - maybe even best.


Pamela Adrian said...

Hello! I see you've quit facebook! Miss your comments and psotings - especially the things you would read and/or listen to and then post. Anyway, tried my hand at blogging the other night - I'll see how long I can keep that up! Hope your new year has started well, no doubt you have some traveling plans up your sleeve!!! Pam

LeAnne Martin said...

We spent a lovely afternoon there when we went to KindlingsFest a few summers ago. It's a gorgeous place--from the pottery to the view outside. We bought several pieces for friends, for ourselves, and came home with at least a dozen photos, one of which is still my screensaver. It was a highlight of our trip among many other highlights on the beautiful island of Orcas.

Missing you on facebook!

afinedayforanepiphany said...

Even though I was there last summer, you make me want to go back! Did you see my post about it from last fall? Here's the link if you're interested!


afinedayforanepiphany said...

I don't know why that link didn't work! If you go to my blog, look under the date of August 21, 2012!