Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It Doesn't Compute

But it adds up. 
It might look insignificant,
common, or just plain quiet at times. 
Your daily routine doesn’t get air time
on the nightly news or make headlines 
on the front page of the paper. 
What you do every day
matters, even though it seems
unremarkable in the moment, because 
we don’t have a Clarence who suddenly
appears when we need him most. 
There’s no one to show us flashbacks 
or the ripples made in the rest of the story.
The ordinary, invisible, mostly 
mundane parts of our lives 
don’t seem all that wonderful 
from our point of view. 

But wait, there’s a different perspective.
If only you could see all of heaven nod 
approval while they stand in thunderous 
applause, breathing deep sighs of satisfaction 
as they knowingly elbow each other in 
complete agreement -  what you do
matters. It makes a difference. Forever. 
During your most  run-of-the-mill-days, 
just imagine the Star Breather 
clearing a lump from his throat 
and wiping a tear from his eye 
 watching the myriad ways you: 
Love. And live. And give. And laugh. 
And grow things. And find time to create 
beautiful things in between endless chores.
And care for words. And find ways to be 
thankful. And make lemonade, anyways. 
And midwife and doula, nourish and nurture 
everyone around you. 

[deep curtsy] 
Kathleen Overby 


Anonymous said...

I think I will leave this on my fridge forever...

Louise Gallagher said...

"And care for words. And find ways to be thankful."

Beautiful curtsy.

Susan said...

This is permanently embedded into my art journal. It warms my heart...

Kathleen Overby said...

Seth Godin's "Linchpin", "Graceful", "V is for Vulnerability", "The Icarus Deception" were the prompt for this poem. His words have healed the wounded artist soul of me. He says the most vulnerable thing we can offer the world is, "Here, I made this." Like he says, let's go make something, or make something happen.

HIs podcast with Krista Tippet is stunning and oh so tender.

My online shop - Vintage Paperista is a sort of tribute to him. I am a most grateful fan. And want to pass on the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

But wait!
there’s a different perspective....


Anonymous said...

I began reading this and said, OH, I know this one! :-) Thank you for sending it. Love the Clarence reference. And the last stanza, especially, speaks volumes to a busy mom...
PS - I wrote a poem, of sorts, for my blog today - inspired by Orcas Island, of course!