Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Seth's Version

of the Golden Rule
scales when shipped.

First you recognize
and come to believe
you're an artist by his
definition, then you
start living like you
really do believe it.

While on vacation I downloaded Seth Godin's latest three books. Graceful, V is for Vulnerability, and The Icarus Deception. Novels aren't the only good beach reading material. 

His writing is nutritious whole food without plastic packaging. No waste. Nothing to discard. It doesn't give you a sugar rush insulin spike like self-help motivational goo does. There isn't a plummeting sense of despair when you can't quite measure up to the hype the morning after. Or, the morning after that because there's nothing to measure up to. There's only someone to be. Your best loving self, the one who loves their neighbor as much as that.   

I believe we all desperately want to feel acknowledged, seen, noticed, and named.We need reminded that what we do in our everyday lives - matters. It gives us fuel to love more.

If that is the bull's eye, his aim is true and he hit the mark. His words are validating, affirming, and immensely encouraging. Consistently healing. Generously loving. It's like he's committed his life to minister (in the truest sense of the word) to the whole world. I'm thankful.  

I think I've always felt like a poser saying with assurance and confidence that I'm an artist. By his definition - in every way - I'm an artist. Wow. 

Hi, I'm Kathleen. I'm an artist. [smiling] [waving] 


Maureen said...

I'm a believer.

Enjoyed your take here. Honest and refreshing. No bull.

Anonymous said...

I also enjoyed your review.
And i always knew
that you were an artist
in many ways.