Saturday, December 20, 2008


Getting Christmas cards and letters is something to look forward to.  They are hung all around the archway and help the house look festive.  They are beautiful. It's also a 'hard copy' of the love friends have sent. Getting something with a stamp on it, in the mail, delivered by a human being.  The expectation of getting to touch, open and read it while holding their love and effort in your hands....Delicious.  It is so fun to catch up and see the pictures.  
I can also feel however, like our life is dull, our girls aren't very 'successful' we must be duds, we are the only ones that have experienced loss, pain, hard times, stretching growth that came at great cost, relationships severed, hard decisions to make and other sometimes hurtful, REAL things.   If I compare, that is.   If I don't keep perspective and remember that it's a Christmas Letter-full of cheer, goodness and memories that my dear friends are grateful for this past year. 
Sometimes, though.... 
          would you, when it's appropriate and you can be vulnerable,
             share the black and blue spots in your year. 
                 Show me your scar and I'll kiss it
                   and then take the band- aid off mine
                     and see the tears glistening in your eyes
                       because you can relate. 
                         Compassion is also 'love',
                          but better, 
                              because only compassion understands. 

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