Friday, December 19, 2008

MRI's and Lists

Some years back I was having terrible body pain/neck pain from getting in a rear end car accident.  One of the last MRI's I had was the worst.  Right before I went in the tube, the tech gave me this long list of things not to do: don't sneeze, clear your throat, lick your lips, itch your nose or move.   It was torture and created an insane desire to exactly all those things.   It was impossible to not think about the list of things not to do.   It was a spiritual lesson I've never forgot. 
 Legalism, however it's wrapped and beribboned, camouflaged or recycled is always the same.  
 Because we are loved,  it keeps us from indulging or continuing to indulge, in anything that would hurt us or the people who love us so much, including our Maker.   It's not what we're against, or what we hate, or what we don't do.....what matters is who we love, how we love, what we're for, who loves us.   

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