Friday, December 19, 2008

Heart rocks everywhere

Does everyone see heart shaped rocks everywhere?  Last summer, when we were visiting mom in Idaho, I mentioned how it seemed like the driveway we were driving on would be a good spot to find heart rocks.  She sadly expressed that she had never found one, ever.  I grinned as I met Nathan and James' eyes.  They knew.  When we stopped, James got out, looked down and picked up a big, perfectly shaped heart rock, bigger than her hand and offered it simply to her, saying, "Here's one".  He turned around, picked up it's twin and handed it to her saying, "Here's another one".  She was speechless!   The boys and I laughed.  We weren't suprised.  Delighted.  Grateful. But not surprised.  

I think I love them so much because some have cracks, scars and nicks.  Hard knock life!   They come in smooth, rough, sandstone, quartz, corral and granite and names I don't know.  Wonder where they've been, how they got shaped, why they want found?   THey have to be 'really truly' hearts, not 'maybe' hearts to count.   Fully formed.  Sometimes they shout, 'pick me up, pick me', and other times they are shy and need uncovered.  Once in a while, I leave them, if I can bear it, hoping someone else will see, notice and discover the joy of finding these natural wonders, tangible expressions of our Creator's love.  

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