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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Positive adjectives.....

Think on these things.... 
able, acceptable, accessible, adaptable, admirable, adorable, affectionate, affirmative, agreeable, alert, alive, alluring, amazed, ambitious, amorous, amusing, angelic, appreciate, appreciative, artful, artistic, assured, attractive, authentic, awe-inspiring, awesome, balanced, beauteous, believe, beneficial, benevolent, benign, best, big-hearted, blessed, bliss, bold, bouncy, brainy, brave, breath-taking, brilliant, boundless, buoyant, calm, captivating, caring, calm, capable, charming, cheerful, clever, coherent, colorful, comedic, comfortable, commendable, compatible, compassionate, competent, confident, congenial, consistent, content, cooperative, cordial, courageous, courteous, cozy, creative, credible, cute, daring, dazzling, deep, decent, decisive, dedicated, delectable, diligent delightful, dependable, determined, deserving, desirable, devoted, disarming, discreet, divine, dreamy, dynamic, easy, eager, earnest ecstatic, efficient, elated, elegant, eloquent, enchanting, encouraging, endowed, enduring, energetic, engaging, entertaining, enticing, enthusiastic, equipped, exact, excellent, exceptional, exciting, exuberant, exquisite, exultant, extraordinary, fabulous, fascinating, faithful, fair, fantastic, favorable, fearless, felicity, fertile, fine, focused, forgiving, frank, friendly, free fruitful, fun, generous, gentle, genuine, glad, gleeful, glorious, godly, goodhearted, good natured, gorgeous, graceful, gracious, grand, grateful, great, handy, happy, hardy, harmonious, healing, healthy, heavenly, hero, hilarious, honorable, hopeful, hospitable, humorous, holy, illuminating, imaginative, immaculate, impartial, impressive, incredible, industrious, influential, ingenious, innovative, inspired, instinctive, intelligent, inventive, jolly, joyful, joyous, jubilant, keen, kind, kissable, knowing, knowledgeable, laudable, levelheaded, light, likable, lively, lovely, loving, luminous, 
magnetic, magnificent, marvelous, masterful, mature, mercy, merciful, merry, modest, neat, nice, nifty, noble, nourishing, nurturing, obedient, open-minded, orgasmic, original, outstanding, passionate, peaceful, perfect, placid, plausible, playful, pleasant, pleasing, plucky, poetic, polished, positive, powerful, pragmatic, praiseworthy, precious, premium, pretty, priceless, prime, privileged, productive, professional, proficient, profound, protective, proud, punctual purposeful, qualified, quirky, quiet, radiant, radical, rare, real, receptive, reflective,  rejoicing, relieved, reputable, remarkable, resolute, resplendent, responsible, reverent, rich, right, righteous, robust, romantic, saintly, satisfactory, satisfying, savvy, sedate, seemly, seductive, selective, self-assured, sensible, sensitive, sensual, sentimental, serene, sexy, sharp, shrewd, silly, skillful, smart, smiley, smooth, solid, sparkly, special, spirited, spiritual, splendid, sound, soulful, splendid, spontaneous, sterling, stimulating, strong, stupendous, stunning, stylish, sublime, successful, sunny sunshiny, super, superb, superior, sweet, swell, sympathetic, 
talented, tender, terrific, thankful, thorough, thoughtful, thrifty, tidy, tight, tough, tranquil , trustworthy, truth, truthful, unbiased, unique, unreal, upright, unusual, upbeat, valiant, valuable, vigorous, virtue, visionary vivacious, vivid warm wealthy, welcoming, whimsical, willing, winsome, wise, witty, wonderful, worthy 

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