Thursday, February 25, 2010


holds me
lets me cry
from the sting
of an old scab
ripped open
feeling like
a fresh wound
bleeding again

Never too much
never not enough~
for him
I'm just right
like the baby bear's

his gift
gives me
to believe again
the future is bright
on a new horizon

reaching forward
together we stretch
casting to hook
even the
tail of it
reeling it in
with a smooth hum

we capture hope
in our net 

cooked over
the small fire
of our dreams
we have enough
more than enough
to share
as it multiplies
able to feed

we gather
what remains
in baskets
woven of one
strand of


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Reeling in hope! The analogy to the multiplication of fish and bread - This will stick with me today. Thanks, Kathleen.

Glynn said...

From pain to love in a few short lines. Sounds like the gospel to me.

S. Etole said...

and love is the strand that makes it possible ...

Anonymous said...

I love the visual of love and hope overflowing and being shared.

Maureen said...

Can only echo Camel on this. The poem works on so many levels.

You might want to think of collecting your poems in a chapbook. Add a few photos or original art and you'd have something really fine to hold in your hands (or read on a Kindle).

Kandi said...

Wow! I love good Kathleen!

Kathleen said...

With this kindness, I am undone. Thank you. Maureen, thanks for the suggestion, hadn't thought of that.

try said...

信心是命運的主宰!! trust yourself!!! ....................................................

Lyla Lindquist said...

Enough and more than enough -- sometimes it's hard to know which, isn't it?

Thanks so much for your visit today. I've "seen you around" but haven't had the chance to make the trip over.

What I have been missing! long will it take me to catch up?

Marcus Goodyear said...

cooked over
the small fire
of our dreams
we have enough

I like that!