Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Last month, the top of my hand was burned. I still have an indention in the blood vein below my wrist.

It didn't blister, but deep layers of brown, dead skin started to form. It was starting to draw up and tighten. I knew if it didn't get debride, thick scar tissue would keep tightening my useful hand. My scars don't seem to disappear, they grow keloids.

Craig had me soak it in warm water till it softened, then took a new soft toothbrush and BRUSHED off the dead stuff. My tender pink baby skin underneath screamed. I nearly fainted. He steadfastly kept at it, doing the necessary thing as I thrashed and groaned.

I let it rest a day, then was able to take care of the rough edges myself the next two times.

My hand is smooth and unscarred. No rough scar tissue is appearing. Summer sunshine is forcing the freckles out on the light pink skin already.

It hurt. It did! And I would do the same again for these results.

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Anonymous said...

i am so glad it worked out well...

okay, now for the comments-back-on cheer.