Friday, June 25, 2010


The Indie movie, The Sensation of Sight is one that I am unable to quit thinking about. Excruciating pain and exuberant joy mixed by a group of artists/compound pharmacists into a prescription for deep living and understanding. Compound pharmacists are a rare breed these days. 

David Strathairn's character seems strange. He trudges along throughout most of the movie with the questions following close behind. Wondering and wandering, but not hopeless. To me, he is brave and courageous for not separating himself from the pain, loneliness, lack of understanding, and unanswered questions. 

Unpredictable hope dangles dangerously in front of him, making him seem awkward at times, but only at first. He seems comfortable with being uncomfortable, which makes him eventually become irresistible. His pain creates massive doses of compassion and empathy which he absorbs for himself first, then offers it to others. He learns how to live in redemptive time, inviting us to join him. 

I rewound the end several times to take it in and absorb. I hope this ending quote won't spoil it for you. To me, this is an unforgettable film. I feel lighter, and can't help but wonder why. 

"Light ~ a basic element of the human environment. Cannot be defined in any terms. Simpler or more directly appreciated by the sense, than by itself. Light certainly is responsible for the sensation of sight." 
We may all still wonder why. It's the nature of man ~ the asking animal. We may be too afraid to live, too afraid to die ~ but never afraid to ask why. We may be alone and afraid, naked before one another, searching for something other ~ but always asking why. We may be searching to belong or searching to be lost. Searching for anything ~ and always asking why. We may be afraid of what may be found or of what may not, afraid of ourselves, afraid of each other ~ still always asking why.
 Well, I am weary of asking why, and yet I do. But I do believe that Chesterton put it well, The world will never starve for wonders but only want for wonder.
 Well then............... it seems to me that one can't help but wonder why." 

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