Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let Down

Nursing human mothers and every other lactating mammal experiences let down. Let down is in between the time of bursting breasts anticipating the release of milk and the actual flow. Breasts actually ache to do this marvelous thing that nourishes precious offspring.

Calves, kids, lambs, and colts nuzzle around to latch on, then bump the bulging bag to start the flow coming as fast as they are able to guzzle.

Kittens and puppies rhythmically pedal the full sac with their forepaws, while making contented moans or purring.

Babies often put the up hand on the fullness that is giving them the answer to the question of the moment.

Let down is a combination of sensations, mostly a primal ache of release.

Without agonizing effort, this amazing miracle feeds one and provides reciprocal relief and satisfaction.

Sunsets and moonrises, eagles, bumblebees, butterflies, hummingbirds, shooting stars, water, art, music, poetry, gardens, words, stones, mountains, and love ~ these are the teats of God.

Nuzzle. Latch on. Suck. Butt. Nudge. Guzzle. Don't wipe your mouth so we'll see you lick your lips and purr.

When we see your milk mustache, we'll want some of what you just had.

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