Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still Blue

direct connection with electric
blue. eyes that looked once more
in the last, gasping hour, and saw. me.
his babygirl. beloved one. seeing, saying
the wanted words. i love you. just as if
he always had. ever the apple of his eye.
unbroken timeline on his part. i didn't know.
mine had gaps. black holes, bermuda triangle sized.
he repaired in one moment-a lifetime of questions.
just in time. before the end. i knew. thank you
daddy of the woodcutter's axe dance.
daddy of the black hair combing times.
daddy of the muscles, and army boot polishing.
daddy of the shaving sessions, mine without razor.
daddy of the big sop - sorgham, butter, and biscuit desserts.
daddy of the wide shoulder carries on hikes.
daddy of coffee with mostly milk.
daddy who loved the mountains.
daddy who didn't let me wonder if - forever.
daddy of the girl who misses him.
still. did i repair for him the gift
he gave to me - by saying i love you daddy?
daddy of the woman-child who needed to.

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