Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There is a Man

There is a man who finds the invisible ones,
the needy, the unchosen, the hopeless,
the ones who want listened to, heard, picked, coached,
encouraged, and fathered.

He builds them up, highlights them,
spreads good words about them, shares
them like a rare find.

He endorses them, supports their efforts,
and finds something to applaud. He's the
balcony person for those who may not
ever have known this. He's a cheerleader
on the front lines rooting and hollering that
you'll make it.

He has his hand on your shoulder letting
you know he's right by your side. It's a
daddy sort of thing.

He has a leader's heart. He doesn't smother,
but finds time for the important things.
He is a role model for younger men to
honor and love their wives and children.

This man has a generous and noble heart
for those of us fortunate enough to be
included in the circle. If he could, I'm sure
he would wrap his arms around the world.

He is a friend, appropriate at all times,
across countries, genders, age. He
doesn't indulge in ridicule, insults, or
personal or emotional writhings.

His astute mind and sound wisdom
is ours for the taking. Free. He's a
giver, not a taker. We go back to our
writing, our families, our spouses, our friends, our
God ~ better for having read his offerings.

This is a tribute to Glynn Young. Our twitter community would not be the same without you. You are the good glue, the duck tape. Thank you, sir. I hope you hear the loud, "Well done son".

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