Saturday, June 19, 2010


Fall in love? More like fall in like. My head toppled before my heart, then my body. I became enamored of this rare man first, because I knew he would:

-be faithful to one woman all of his life
-provide and care for his family first
-have our best interests at heart
-play with us
-not indulge in being angry, controlling or critical
-be hospitable
-decide and choose to love well

After years of my head observing and watching him, being his heart opened to the possibilities of him being my partner and mate for life. My body followed joyously.

Mind. Soul. Heart. Body. In that order, you made all the difference Loverby. You have shown me the face of God. It is easy for us to love you for what you do. More importantly we love and respect you for who you are.

Thank you for letting it be me who is the mother of your children and the one woman......your one and only love.
Happy Father's Day.

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