Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For Warren Farha

He intuits a young poet needs Jayber Crow to cut his first Berry wisdom teeth on. 

I come begging counsel from a generous librarian willing to direct fledgling spiritual formation and midwife my thirsty, gaping soul. 

His care and passion for passing on well crafted wordsmithing reminds me of Helene's beloved Frank Doel - purveyor and curator of painterly words.

The remedy exists if you missed out on your own 84 Charingcross Road experience. You can find it in Wichita, Kansas where Warren's bottomless bag of gifts waits for you. 

I have my finger poised, ready to click and pre order when he finally decides to write and publish his own work. Nobody can be as sensitive, intuitive, and well read as he is and NOT be a prolific writer. I'm waiting Warren. 

I had fun stalking this bag, the coolest bag I've ever seen, and asking for and getting a private photo shoot. The patina? Let's just say.....patina matters....it helps break the ice. 


Leslie Leyland Fields said...

You're right to sing the praises and wisdom of Warren Farha. He's a gentleman, a scholar and a gentle, wholly generous soul. I treasure the many moments I've talked with him over his vst tables of books. Thank you Warren! (and Kathleen!)

Kathleen Overby said...

Amen, Leslie.

Kathleen Overby said...

I saw your books there, Leslie.