Monday, June 18, 2012

The Poetry Teacher

skips the tickling and kissing
and teasing rituals. He comes
right inside - knocks me up
without knocking -
a poetry slam leaving
hard evidence that fertilizes
the ready egg of my
spawning imagination.
He sires an embryo who has
no choice to abort or miscarry.
It swims protected in
birthwaters of salt
waiting to quit the dark.

Glenworkshop East ~ Mt Holyoke College 2012 ~ Poetry ~ Gregory Orr. 

Deep imprint. You never forget the first time. I'll never be the same. Grateful. I aspire before I  die to write "one poem that sings". I came to this class green and poetry ignorant and left dizzy with poetry possibilities. A great teacher skips the boring text book and gets right to lighting a fire that can't easily be put out.