Saturday, May 30, 2009


The best things in life really are free.  We sort of live in paradise here in Smokey Point.  Mostly within an hour's drive, we have a playground in any direction.  Over the years, these have been our favorite, very repeatable ways to have free or really cheap fun.   You won't be charged for this info..... 

*Deception Pass Bridge - on of the most stunning locations on the planet.  Walk across, then come back halfway and go underneath and relax on the bluff.  
*Rosario Beach - right before the bridge is a free park on the sound, so pastoral and quiet. 
*The Stilly River - River Meadows or Jordan Walkover Bridge, picnicing or rafting from the bridge to the River Meadows. 
*Howarth Park - right past Forest Park on the way to Mukilteo off 41st.   Gorgeous walk along the creek in the deep woods to the water with a train track and train engineers who honk for you.
*Jetty Island Ferry-Don't do this one much any more, without the kids for inspiration.... 
*Wallace Falls-Great, hard hike, amazing setting.
*Snoqualmie Falls-easy walking trails and platforms-getting misted is exhilarating.  
*Lake Stevens-easy sun/water/people watching.
*The old pioneer hwy from I5 take Silvana exit, going to Stanwood, N to Conway, to LaConnor....this is such a beautiful drive in farm country. 
*The cascade loop out of Darrington!  The moss on the trees is spectacular!  
*The drive to LaPush on the coast.  Most mystical beach I've ever seen.......
*The Ballard Locks-great place to have fish n chips or pack a lunch and eat on the grass terraces watching the little, medium, big and bigger boats come back in Sunday afternoon.
*Driving the cascades to Winthrop.  Taking the Loop from there to Chelan, the most beautifully clean water in the world and home again through Snoqualmie. 
*The Everett Marina is just fun to walk along. Music in the summer....
*Alki Point, So. Seattle has a wonderful esplanade for bikes and one for walkers along the water for miles and miles.  People watching at it's best!  
*Greenlake-rent a kayak for 1 hour for 12 bucks and coffee at Peet's after.   Bliss!  :) 

I could list more, but these are the places Craig and I revisit again and again because they are fun, easy and mostly free.   Hey honey, am I a cheap date or what?  We have our own favorite places to kiss......these are the ones!   Being a mermaid/selkie and all, it's not weird that most of these are by water.   Gotta have options for getting my scales wet if'n they dry out, don'tcha know?  

One of the biggest bangs for your buck is the Washington State Ferry system.  'Walk on' to Friday harbor, get a great lunch, browse and come home......not free, but might as well be.  

Get out, go play, be a participant instead of a spectator in this colorful, wonderful setting we have.  Find your own special places and tell me about them.   Share the goods mon!   :)

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Anonymous said...

It tis' a good life! The best part of it all is being with you my love. Thank You!!!!! "Christmas" In Seattle, Nature Hikes etc. Mr Loverby