Thursday, May 14, 2009

Turning The Page

It was a really good day, a friend called for a duela for a new mom and her baby.   I like encouraging and nurturing.  They were both so beautiful and peaceful when I left.  Mama glowing, baby nursing enthusiastically in the rocker.  Cozy.  

Planted several flats of impatiens all along most of the shady borders of the yard.  Little plugs of color that will bloom effortlessly all summer and make the dark shady spots look like it has bright spots of light.

Last week the family property in the woods, in the Santa Cruz Mtns was sold.  I grew up part of my life there, then spent summer vacations after we moved, lived there as a single gal for 4 years until Craig and I married.  Tessa was born in that little cabin.   Grandma and Grandpa are gone now, nobody wants to take it on or live there so it has passed on to someone else who is dreaming new dreams for it.  

Craig's dad is getting the homestead ready to sell in a few months.  Hopefully a young family will move in, farm the acreage, make memories in that lovely old home where Craig's family
lived and played and worked so hard for 2 generations.  I dearly loved that farmstead from the first moment I laid eyes on it.  The prairie was a new experience.   

Then, today Craig told me that my magic spot on the river is being parceled up and sold.  I love it so much because it reminds me of the woods I rambled freely as a child.  It is quiet, local, beautiful, and sort of untouched; a wonderful place to restore body and soul.   

My heart sort of hurts and my eyes are leaking, even though today was good.   It is just that all three of these special, sentimental places that I have special memories of......are out of my life for good.  No getting that 'I'm HOME' feeling again, because I can't go back.  

In all three situations, new people will hopefully love the land and appreciate it.   Find solace and comfort in exploring, making it beautiful and productive.   Make it home.  Work to make their dreams come true.  

But it is an ending of a chapter of my book of life.  I need to have the courage to turn the page and peek at the next new paragraph of the next new page of the next new chapter.  


KoverB said...

Actually 5 generations on the Overby Homestead, woops.

Anonymous said...

You beat me to it!!!! Family of 5 generations have mowed the lawn on the softball field!

Mr Loverbee