Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Winning Can Be Fun!

Someone asked the other day, 'How did YOU get HIM?"  I surely don't know, but every time I go on a trip and return home, where Craig is waiting with open arms and a smile a mile wide - I wonder about the same thing.  Pure gift I suppose?   Fortunate woman, me.  

I'm so thankful for the freedom he gives me to go, to be me, to 'fly', to have adventures.  No jealousy.  No entitlement.  No guilt.  A 'yes' face.  It attaches me deeply to him and makes me so grateful and thankful.  Wise man.   He has more of me because he lets go of me.  Secure. Trusting.  A paradox.......a lovely paradox.  

He says we have shaped each other over the years.  Trained each other how to love the other one the best way possible.  We have absorbed the good parts somehow and lost the sharpness of the weaknesses a bit. Softened edges.  I'm not as messy, try to be consistent out of courtesy for him, want to serve him more instead of taking all of his generosity and kindness for granted - I want him to feel how he makes me feel....loved, respected, cherished, honored, chosen, wanted and liked.  

He has made himself take more risks, which isn't easy as he loves security and safety.  He sees how much fun I have with adventure and wants some of his own.   Fun to watch!   It seems like I am taking on some of his traits and he is trying on some of mine.  Hmmm.  

"Winning can be fun"!   :)


Anonymous said...

Trying as hard as I can to catch up with You my Love. I owe you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Loverbee

KoverB said...

You have 'lapped' me quite a few times.

Kandi said...

you guys are a great example to me....seriously! It gives me great hope for the future :)

KoverB said...

Kandi, always hope-it is a wonderful thing indeed. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Remember Lisa and I gave a big thumbs up the first day we met him in Reno. Still feel that way but just don't get to see him often enough.