Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love Engraved

When Craig and I started having romantic feelings for each other after 4 years of a warm, easy, comfortable friendship, his most used line was "me too".  

I read a lot, love words, in fact am completely smitten by the written word, lyrics, and love listening to people who are true wordsmiths, word crafters etc.   (I prefer subltitled movies so I can read it while watching)  

Some of my verbal acrobatics could and did make Craig dizzy often, as in frequently.   It took me about 4 months to realize that he was saying 'me too' often, as in frequently!  :)    After an especially poetic, mushy, sentimental expression of love - he would shyly say with his dimple flashing,  'me too'.   That's all!  

It was effective anyhow, as he took me effortlessly to a world beyond mere words.......  

The day before our wedding, we got our plain, simple, $99.00 JC Penney's wedding bands engraved. His, a size 14 has "Forever and Ever, Amen" engraved.  My permanent token to him.  When Craig asked the jeweler if there was room for that, he replied that there was enough room for the Gettysburg Address. (The ringbearer fiddled with that ring until it almost got tangled around his little wrist)

Craig's engraved token to me could only be "Me Too" in reply. 

We still have and wear these rings and the engravings are still visible and readable.  There are nicks and scratches on the outside, but the inside is slick and still new looking.  

The thing I appreciate most after all these years is Craig's simple use of words.  They are real. Sincere.  Non manipulative.  Few.  Worthwhile.  Genuine.  Full of wisdom and common sense. So sweet.  Encouraging.  And his truth and correction is easy to swallow.  Worth listening to. The man's timing....he knows when to talk, how to listen but mostly knows love is an action verb instead of just a word.  

More often than not these days, it's me saying a heart felt  "Me Too" to some beautifully expressed words from him that are just right, like the baby bear's porridge.   


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