Friday, May 22, 2009

Graham Crackers and Milk

Last night, even though I was tired by 9:00, midnight found me still awake.   It was miserable!   I got up to change the scenery.  The kitchen is the preferred one at times like this.  Cold milk, peanut butter and graham crackers.  There are food rituals that are personal and go back a long time ~ in this case, to childhood.  

I heard Brita rattlin' around upstairs, so invited her down to join me. Right before she came down, I thought I noticed that the crackers were much skinnier than usual, then talked myself out of it.  Must be seeing things.  Like the smaller and smaller but more expensive ice cream NOT half gallons, what do they think?   We're stupid?   Chalking it up to my imagination, thinking, 'why would THEY change all the machinery and packaging in the factory to shave off some graham cracker goodness to try and trick us?'   Hmmmm.  

Brita opened her section and started to make her pre-peanut buttered stack for the ritualistic dunking, then exclaimed mid stroke, "Are these smaller, mom?"  

I was so glad she noticed - made me feel less insane at midnight.  

She tells the funniest stories, so soon we were laughing so hard our jaws and ribs hurt.   At one point I think we had milk coming out our noses.......

Think of the calories we saved by the company shaving the sides off my favorite ritualistic food.  It just didn't dunk the same, however.  Sort of sad how we didn't have to maneuver it to fit down in the cup, sheering the sides off as it went.   Weightless.  

We went to bed and sleep came effortlessly.  Graham crackers, peanut butter and milk happy!

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Anonymous said...

Wish I could have joined you, will check out the cracker size here in Idaho, may not have reached us yet.