Friday, May 8, 2009

Southern Speciality

Being in Biloxi again 3 years after Katrina hit so hard has been joyful, as in full of joy.  The slideshow in my mind's eye isn't matching what I'm seeing now.   The scars, the tearing, the dead grey mess is gone.  Today we visited a house that is now not only sheet rocked, but all dressed up and home again to the generous people who let relief crews bunk in it for months and months. We ate breakfast at the one-on-every-corner 'Waffle House' ~ a pecan waffle, side of bacon and what tasted like Folger's coffee?  Hot, steamy and slapped down with gusto by the efficient waitress.   Tess and I are grazing our way through the weekend and will be waddling home soon, after Ryan grills his speciality  tomorrow night and a crawfish boil sunday.  Did you know you can buy Zataran's spice by the gallon here?  Bam!  

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