Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brown Paper Bag

Any kind of plain brown kraft paper is one of my hot buttons. Anything made from it I like. I'll buy something if it has a label made from it. Cards, packages, bags, stationary, envelopes, cardstock, tags, packaging, etc. There is some kind of organic connection when I touch it, bringing the same comfort as I remember when sucking my thumb. Weird? Can't help it, it's true.

Flashy glittery things have never really appealed to me. Natural things appeal more than synthetic things.

I'd rather be at the water's edge than buy a fountain. I'd rather use compost than fertilizing pellets. I'd rather have an old wooden boat than a Bayliner. I'd rather be there in a mud floored palapa than be trapped on a cruise. I'd rather buy from the artist than have a made in china one. I'd rather have a bag of potatoes than a box of instant. The list could go on for miles.

This is a quote from a post last February entitled, "Amazingly Plain and Brown":

I am married to a plain brown potato who is more precious than any words could express. He is priceless. He is my beloved and amazingly plain and brown.

We fit, as not only do I love plain brown kraft paper, but I very much am a plain brown paper bag.

Brown paper bags still come in handy at times, even in our high tech world. Hopefully.

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