Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dreaming Day and Night

Tessa calls them 'cheese dreams'.....she says if you eat a piece of cheese before you go to sleep, you'll dream and remember it. I didn't eat any cheese before I went to sleep, but this past week I had and was able to recapture the vivid details of a few dreams, or perhaps nightmares? I was relieved to wake up to reality each morning!

The first one was me as a little girl and my current self at the same time. This man took my feet one at a time, set them carefully in front of him and using a huge mallet pounded and crushed the arches down of each foot, mangling and crippling me. It was excruciatingly painful, rendered me completely helpless, but more than that I could not understand why he did it. It kept replaying over and over again-little me, now me. The worst thing was, I knew what I was in for going through and opening the door each time~screaming silently, 'NO', 'NO'. I found myself limping a bit during the 'real time' day at the memory. A book that has really impacted me in the past was Dan Allender's "Leading with a Limp". Hmmmmmm. I'm a limper, but never been a leader.

Who knows where this one came from. I saw my old pastor all dressed up in a kilt and tartan, dancing. He doesn't do kilts or dance. Go figure.... It did make me smile.

This is a day dream and never ends, just gets refined.......

Tess, Brita and I want to open a coffee house. Not just any coffee house like the other 190,000 in Snohomish County! The printed menu will be underwhelming, a no brainer, no translation needed. It will not have 400 things to read and decide on or figure out. Size, shots, layers. That's all. Everyone knows what their favorite drink is, letting them build it will be fun!

The seating will be revolutionary. I cannot tell you anything but this; there will be only two options, intimate seating for two and group/family style around a big table. Coziness and intimacy and true connection is what we want to promote and shape the atmosphere for.

What will be missing is wi-fi, drive up window, and people sitting around alone, lonely, disconnected and unengaged plugged into some electronic device.

Here's the deal....there are hundreds, OK, 190,000 places, where you can drive up, drive through, or sit on your laptop all alone. There isn't a place for people to gather, study, linger, brainstorm, link up, network, catch up, meet and talk in an unfragmented way. We want to provide that place! Ambiance, warmth and love in a cup, love in the room and hope in the air. A place welcoming dreamers, music makers, think tankers, illuminators and fellowship of the truest kind. A place for friends and a place to make friends. Nothing would resemble Starbucks! Nothing.

I've got the dreaming part down real good. The picture in my head is beautiful. We three have the loving- serving- cooking-barista-atmosphere-part down real good. We have a couple of nice spots that are available and possible. We just can't figure out how to do the money part? And the business part. And the accounting part. Groan.

Just dreaming about it makes me happy. Happy food, happy people, happy coffee......making a happy family. Whispy?


susan said...

Great idea! Can you have a fireplace and soup?

Kathleen said...

Of course it has to have a fireplace and soup.... :)

Emily said...

And cushy chairs. More than 2. ;)