Monday, October 12, 2009

Loverby Vacation

Loverby's are going on vacation early Wed morning! Kona on the Big Island. We haven't been together for a week of pure play since the kids were 14 and 12. We have been on a few tours to Israel together. Craig and I have taken the girls individually on trips 1 on 1 parent/child, Craig and I go away together, they went to Europe on a sister trip for a couple weeks last February, etc. But this will be bliss, all of us together!

We are packing light, eating simple and only want to soak in the sunshine. No one wants to frenetically go find all the hot tourist spots. The girls don't want to shop for trinkets. We might choose to leave our laptops and ipods home and turn our cell phones off!

Craig and I both feel so blessed that our girls want to take vacations with us still. We love the friendship and enjoyment we experience with them.

One week of just being together sounds delicious. No expectations for anything except serendipity. Long beach walks. Sunsets. Coffee and the sun rising. Hot sand. Only waves, lovely waves making endless music night and day.


Anonymous said...

Can we go today?!!!!!! Please!!!!!!! My Love, I am so ready for togetherness.

Mr Loverby

Kandi said...

ahhhhh..... I want to be you like you guys when I grow up :)

Craig said...

I didn't see the "can't wait, is it tomorrow yet" tab. So I clicked on the "cool" tab