Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Different the Same

Comedians aren't my favorite. The delivery is usually an indulgence in sarcasm, character assassination, ridicule and raw verbal fungus. I couldn't tell you very many current or hot and trendy entertainers of this sort because I'm not in the know.

In the past, there have been a few really truly funny people. The olden days comedians were brilliant at the seemingly effortless art of keeping it hilariously clean. I think it took more work! It's easy the other way, the negative and hate based way. Making fun isn't the same as having fun.

Last week I was at a regional pastor's conference lurking, listening, worshipping, lingering and observing. My favorite quote was from this delightful little boy in a big boy's body, wearing a big, big man's hat. He said, "So, I like and read John Piper, shoot me". Politically and culturally bad thing to say in the setting he was in. It could have been career suicide! He had the courage to say the 'e' word.....emergent, yet defined it without attaching leprosy status to it. Tim Chaddick breathed feisty refreshing wind, kindling the stale dry wood of the assembled company! What I appreciated so much is that he didn't waste one moment on meaningless forever unanswerable questions. He didn't once waste our time puking about what he hates or who he hates or what group he's against. He was having fun instead of making fun. Amazingly on purpose instead of a default setting. He didn't talk about what we need to do for God. He was allowing us and inviting us to take off the heaviness of soul killing mere religion, and freely 'skinny dip' in the wonder and awe of a love relationship with our Maker.

Perhaps that faint rumble was the applause of heaven? :)

Janelle, a girlfriend who is a kindergarten/first grade teacher tells wonderful stories about her kids. She loves them so much and by the time the year is over, we feel like we know them too.
Last night she told us about a little boy's story of parent's night. He was showing his mom his little patch of carpet where he sat on the letter "g" during story time. Then, pointing to the empty spot next to his he said, "I popped his old bubble, so he's moved over there now with his new one." He was sad and felt a little sheepish, along with responsible. He also didn't quite understand why it was a bad thing. It actually wasn't.

Please let our comfortable little glass bubbles pop! Please.


Kandi said...

Kathleen, I sent this one to Tim, I think it will encourage him :)

Kathleen said...

That's awesome Kandi, thx. He probably needs every ounce of courage possible swimming up current.......