Sunday, October 11, 2009

Schitzophrenic Smell

  • Sometimes Kathleen knows she stinks and doesn't need reminded.
  • Sometimes Kathleen gets told she stinks when she didn't know it.
  • Sometimes Kathleen wants loved and accepted even though she stinks.
  • Sometimes Kathleen thinks others hear her accusing them of stinking when all she is really saying is ouch, that hurt when you told me I stink.
  • Sometimes the enemy of her soul uses other people's voices and words to remind her often that she stinks.
  • Sometimes people who really stink think the stink is coming from Kathleen instead of them.
  • Kathleen loves being in a family where everyone else stinks from time to time and gets to grow and get loved on anyways, just as if they smelled really good.
  • Kathleen wants to abstain from ever telling anyone else they stink.
  • Kathleen wants to put balm and band aids on people who believe they stink, because someone told them so.
  • Just because a few people think she stinks, not everyone else agrees.
  • It might not be true that Kathleen stinks and it might not matter even if she does.
  • There is a time for shoveling shit and it can stick; Kathleen stinks when she stays stuck in ick.
  • Kathleen is reveling in the fact that Jesus never thinks she stinks.
  • Kathleen got the epiphany, but wants others to know that they're also bound to stink once in a while, on some front, but it certainly won't prevent them from being effective, loved, respected, used, accepted, valuable, worthwhile, influential and generous in spite of it. Anyways. :) YAY!

  • (dedicated to KWS and the body of believers at CE, bringing a sweet aroma in spite of ourselves to our city)


Anonymous said...

Me Too!!! :)

Mr Loverby

Kathleen said...

You smell so good my love! If you ever die first, which you promised you wouldn't, I'm gonna zip lock one of your t-shirts to capture your scent.
The 'pheremones' of your body, spirit, soul and mind are VERY attractive to me! :) I like you all the time.

Kandi said...

wow Kathleen! So cool, and I loved how you dedicated it....I am so glad to find out that other people stink too. :) and I am so glad that Jesus fills us with His sweet aroma....ahhhh.....

Kathleen said...

You smell sooooo good Kandi! :)