Tuesday, October 13, 2009


  • everyone needs compassion
  • families need vacations
  • mom's can enjoy being homemakers
  • cooking simple fresh food from the garden is rewarding
  • using fresh herbs is satisfying
  • laughing relieves burdens
  • living in fear mutilates adventure
  • warm hugs restore, infuse and under gird
  • hot tea is like drinking courage from a cup
  • making love is the cushion that softens the hard parts of life
  • losing the list on people is the only way
  • freedom to do and not to do is personal
  • kissing is one of the most fun free things ever
  • life rocks when my girls play the piano and sing duets
  • Loverby lives with me in and understanding way whenever it is now
  • gratefulness and thankfulness are the bottom line
  • a loved woman exudes beauty that outer accouterments can't match
  • observing a girl blossoming into a woman is fascinating
  • appreciation refreshes the weary heart
  • noticing is also worshipping
  • sometimes helping is not helping


Grandma Pam said...

Oh my gosh! I haven't been checking your blog and am ecstactic that you are blogging and letting the rest of enjoy your bloggings - I am so pumped! I hope you are having a fantastical vacation with your family!!! Pam

Kathleen said...

Thanks Pam! I'm waiting for you too!

Emily said...

moms CAN enjoy being homemakers! AMEN! loved this one...ditto ditto ditto....