Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Being Rustic

Our daughters (20 & 18) took a week off without pay, saved their money to rent a rustic cabin on the beach for 5 nights. It is 45 minutes away. There isn't any wi-fi, telephone or TV. The bathroom and shower are separate. The cabins are vintage, plain, and hand crafted. The beach right outside the door
makes it magical.

They didn't ask for packing advice. None was given. The kitchen has a coffee pot, refrigerator and microwave. I wonder what they are eating. Only curious.

As a parent, it is sweet that they would choose to emulate how I get away.

My musts are; rustic, simple, by water, solitude surrounded by natural beauty. The less synthetic, the more it cures and heals.  It's like they wanted to try it my way, then decide as adults if it works for them.

It looks like they are doing nothing. There isn't anything to be done except be. Be loved. Be delighted. Be enjoyed. Be surprised. Be still. Be cherished. Be bedazzled. Be quiet. Be with. Be noticers and receivers. See the whole sunset, the entire sunrise. Hear the rhythmic slap of the waves go on and on. No clock. No schedule. Eat when hungry, sleep when tired.

Frequent times of solitude, times of being are essential for me spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. As their mom, I hope they have a successful first time that makes them crave it as a way of life. I'm very thankful for a husband who has provided this for me.

I believe it isn't what I do that comes first. What comes first is how much and often I allow myself to be loved; the doing part comes after being filled up with the loving part. If the doing comes from fullness, that is.


Maureen said...

What a lovely and spiritual reflection, Kathleen. I especially like "the doing part comes after being filled up with the loving part. If the doing comes from fullness, that is."

Anonymous said...

five nights sounds wonderful

Phoenix-Karenee said...

What a lovely way to refresh.
I should do this also.

Craig said...

We just got back from seeing them for a bit. They looked like they are loveing, learning, talking, walking, thinking, etc. My Love, Thank you for the road you've got them started on. It might take a bit to process the week. But, it'll be a week the never forget.

em said...

This really warms my heart. Having 2 daughters of my own, it makes me hope that they will be this close when they are older. Such a sweet thing! I hope they have a time they'll never forget and that they will be closer than before. :)