Monday, February 15, 2010

Sugar Words

Layers fall away from
folds of need
of want
which almost killed desire
almost doused the fire

Eliminate the critic
decree divorce
cripple his power
his opinion nonsense
waste no time
on offense
blundering words
leave behind

chase the bitter aftertaste
with peaches and sweet cream
art and love sugared
with war


Kathleen said...

I don't have any idea where this just came from. Whole.

Glynn said...

The mages here are powerful -- even if you're not sure where they came from. Poetry can be like that.

Glynn said...

I meant "images." Sorry. Still waking up.

Lorrie said...

Wow - very powerful words. I'm lovin it big time!

Russell Holloway said...

I can taste that poem ... :-)

Joyce Wycoff said...

Don't you just love it when this happens? When words come from someplace we can't see, can't control and often don't even know the meaning behind them. I think of them as "dream poems" and think of them as a pure gift.

S. Etole said...

so much truth in these words ...

Maureen said...

Very nice, Kathleen. I like "chase the bitter aftertaste/with peaches and sweet cream". Great advice.

Bree said...

I think I can taste it too...the sugar, not the pepper.

Phoenix-Karenee said...

And true too, how bitter bitterness can become without the creative, generous sweetness of love replacing our natural tendencies to cling to offense and self-preservation.

Erin said...

fantastic imagery. Love this poem!

Kathleen said...

This is the strangest thing. I see in retrospect how this is giving
testimony to wholeness and healing that I didn't even realize was
complete. These words complete the crushing experience - full circle. :)
Thanks for traveling the unknown with me everyone. Wow.