Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where Are They?

Every other Tuesday night on Twitter, there is a Tweetspeak poetry jam. It's like a game, playing with grown-up. Poets all. I'm the newby. We have a prompt about every three minutes with a line from a poem. Several people feverishly tweet a line prompted from a word, or a word from someone else's line. It makes me sweat, the pace is so fast. I can't think of what to write, so let my fingers write what they want. It is a bit fascinating to see what comes out?

I went back, collected all my tweets, putting them together without disturbing the order of a line. The lines aren't in the order I tweeted them, however. This is a very naughty, nekkid poem somehow. :)  So much fun. Thanks Glynn, for editing and pasting. It would be overwhelming. And the secret wizard behind the prompts? I canna tell thee. But, if you want to read a book by the author, click and don't tell. Can't wait to see the edited version of the whole.  Maureen did this last time, I'm copying her. 

Where are the manly troubadours
 insanity to stay away
gurgling bubbles
I hear laughter from him

who blows the whistle
 to stop the occasion
it is catching
once bitten we bite
help me learn
 to digest more than the gray
like a whirling dervish
centrifical force stifling life

Laura likes
 all the good words
favorite ones
if it's coffee
 how can we sleep  
another hallelujia
 for dumping the bucket
thick red sticky melting
 sometimes confusing jam.

he bobs up again
 the weight as nothing
stepping on scent
attracting the desert creature

to be caught
must feel broken and lost
purr to the stroke of affection
foreign places inside
big like a venti
burn and be done with it is
 favorite verse

bruised often to sprout
planting seeds makes
tree sized futures promising
clarity is lost
inside dreams of the dayspring
plump again from life giving water

cords of twisted pride
paint the landscape of her heart
 never too cold
never too hot
 just right
like baby bear's porridge

pistachio green salutes boring
races ahead as art
  The humps quiver in a circle
The dizzy dance of poetry
 is rising a rhythm in my heart

pay for stardust
 a collision with words
God laughed 
danced with words
when he made a giraffe

whisper moonlight
 on hard words
lift lightly to heal
lumpy regret twists mouth
into fragile leaf
secret weight of crushing hand
ecstasy and sorrow
float alone

a song
as blossom vapor stories
 disappearing with a breath
writing opens seeds
 secret freedom
 begins inside alone
in the shade
 tares hide
hang out
again, hi, camel


Maureen said...


It's fun and not a little bit crazy, isn't it? And what's even crazier is how all of it holds together into something else that becomes this magical series of images, of which there are many here.

There are lines here I like a lot: "cords of twisted pride"; "God laughed/danced with words/when he made a giraffe"; "a song / as blossom vapor stories/disappearing with a breath/ writing opens seeds"; "secret freedom/begins inside alone / in the shade".

And, of course, this one: "Laura likes/ all the good words"!

I haven't yet looked again at my tweets. Will probably have something for next week.

I hope you'll continue to join us for the Twitter jams. They are a great way to give Glynn something to do.

The link you were looking for to my "Trouble in Paradise":

Glynn said...

Actually, I'm not the prompter -- @tspoetry is. Should the real identity remain a mystery?

Kathleen said...

Thanks for your hard work Glynn. Thanks for the prompt to do this Maureen.