Monday, February 1, 2010

Perhaps Joy

Last year the reward for a summer's worth of hard work in the garden was a fine specimen tree. A star magnolia. A prize in the Pacific Northwest ~ they are one of the first things to bloom. I get desperate for color by March and was looking forward to the display. Sadly, I won't be able to enjoy the blossoms this year.

Maggie had a running frenzy playing with another dog and it broke, down to the dirt.

I cried.  It was expensive, yes; but more than that, it was a lovely symbol of hope for me. I knew what to look forward to. Now, there is a brown stem in the dirt which may or may not recover. If it does, it will take years to take shape again and bloom.

Broken hope, crushed dreams, battered beauty.

I picked up all the stems I could find, cut the ends, dipped them in rooting hormone and stuck them in glass jelly jar in the window.

Doing dishes this morning, I noticed flowers opening on the stems and root nubs growing on the bottom. I'm a baby gardener - it could be a flash in the pan thing before they die. Or:

They could root successfully and pot well enough to form a healthy root ball by summer. I might have several star magnolia's to plant around the yard some day. Possibly a few to give away to friends.

First, I had to pick up the pieces, prepare them, and set them in a prime place to root. I'm watching and waiting anxiously to see if I will be able to plant hope - maybe multiply and divide it.

"Perhaps Love" is stunning duet with John Denver and Placido Domingo. Country boy and opera star. The mix seems incongruent. An oxymoron. A paradox. It is, but it works magic.

Inviting wild possibilities and stretching my capacity for joy is the same.

Perhaps joy. Perhaps.


Maureen said...

Magnolias are favorites of mine. I enjoy watching how they create these pods that open into lush flowers. I carried silk magnolias when I was married (I didn't want to harm the real ones).

Joyce Wycoff said...

Kathleen ... oh how I hope your roots flourish and that the "brown stick" blossoms forth. I know the pain of losing a tree and will be "rooting" for yours (sorry for the pun ... I just couldn't help it. ;-)

Erin said...

Praying for blossoms for you. And always joy.

Anonymous said...

from one hope to another.
what a good story, kathleen!

and i liked the vid.

Graceful said...

A couple summers ago we had to take down a magnificent oak tree that was rotting high up in the trunk. It was a risk to the house, hanging over our roof. But I cried over the loss -- especially the loss of such a grand tree in Nebraska! So I feel your pain over the magnolia. I hope you can get her to root and are able to replant her.

Nice to meet you here...I am coming over after seeing your hilarious comment about Kelly's family video!

S. Etole said...

He heals the brokenhearted ... and restores hope ... and multiplies it

Kathleen said...

Maureen, post a pic of you as a bride. I would love to see it. Thanks Nancy, Erin, Susan, Graceful and Joyce. You all know, huh? :)

katdish said...

Beautiful. I hope that your tender care rewards you with a beautiful magnolia tree. Or several trees. They are lovely.

Kathleen said...

katdish, what an honor to have you stop by. Thank you.