Sunday, February 21, 2010

Through the Keyhole

Grandma's garden gate
had curls on top
 loops of a keyhole
to peer through

 beyond it
 the belle of roses
tangled and twisted
 in the muscled trunk 
 and strong arms of 

the lovely scent of their 
lifted the house
 from its foundation
cracking it 
keeping it
 entirely whole

roots twining 
a home with
safe protection 
snug and tight   
 a safety belt

Laura encouraged me to do this from a comment on someone's post. Thanks :) 


Anonymous said...

bewhiskered wisteria ...

i love those words

Melissa said...

cracking it yet keeping it entirely whole, love that part

Maureen said...

You are coming into your own with a voice that's delightful to hear. Your poem is full of wonderful images and draws a lot of strength from its simplicity. I like how you sneak in your message among the plainest and just-right words.

S. Etole said...

I wish I had words to say how much I enjoy your writing ...

Anonymous said...

I love reading your poetry. :)

Kathleen said...

I might have to put the bewhiskered back, Nancy. I thought it was a might much? :) Thanks Melissa, Susan and Together....
Maureen, glad you see through the plain words, I have no others to describe the pictures in my mind. Thanks for commenting and visiting. The encouragement for this new way of expression means alot. :)

Glynn said...

This puts in mind of my own grandmother's house -- crepe myrtles by the road (I loved popping the flowers open), big hydrangeas in front -- and a sheep out back so she wouldn't have to cut the grass. Nice one, Kathleen.

L.L. Barkat said...

this whole section is like a deep drink...

"beyond it
the belle of roses
tangled and twisted
in the muscled trunk
and strong arms of

Oh, I like that. So much.

And I am so pleased that you wrote of it! Thank you for trusting that you had it in you.

A Simple Country Girl said...

"Strong arms of wisteria" evoke such imagery for me. Your words drip with such heart beauty. I can smell it. And feel it. Thank you for sharing!