Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get 'er Done

The sun was shining today. A gift. I wanted to go tearing off with Maggie to the river. I reigned it in. Sometimes procrastinating makes my life difficult. I just need to 'get 'er done' sometimes, as Farmboy says.

In spite of not feeling like it, I weeded and raked the garden beds front and back. Vacuumed my disgustingly filthy car. De-grassed the rock pathway to the garden room. Swept the path and patio.

Then took a hot bath and crawled into bed with satisfaction snuggling up with stiffness. Pleasure and pain.

Determination trumped escaping to play. Looking out the window at the difference a day made, I think I'll pick up poop and mow the yard tomorrow. Work was that fun.

Well, the results are.  :)

If I had the money to hire a gardener, I wouldn't. The feel and smell of sweet earth is like a love potion. I like to get nose to nose with each little bit of green popping up; snip a little here, brace it here, adore it there. She's not up yet, but I imagined the lady's mantle holding dew drops like no other. Primroses are so happy, they giggle. Pansies cover their faces when they laugh. Tomorrow I'm buying both to fill a few pots for joy's sake. Some plants are tangled like pretzels. Volunteers are surprises. If the neighbors couldn't see, I would have rolled around in the dirt today. It felt so nice to be outside with evidence of life. Small beginnings that will give and give, all summer.

Plant a seed when it warms up enough. Please? No one can miss being enchanted with a seed popping up, tender and green and full of promise.

Wish you could have tea on the porch swing with me........and look at garden seed catalogues. :)

 "If you have two loaves of bread and have no flowerssell one loaf and buy some flowers to feed your soul." 
~old Persian proverb


Maureen said...

You can get down and dirty there, and I can't even see the ground where I live. Lucky you!

The sun decided to show its face today, we do have flowers in a vase, and my loyal Westie Jack is snoozing like a baby in the room of my own.

I'll have a spot of whatever you're drinking. . . .

Anonymous said...

wonderful! i like hearing of sunny day work getting er done.

S. Etole said...

we must live miles apart ... the grass here still lies under a couple of feet of snow ... it was a joy to hear of your diggings though

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all. I can so relate as I've been throwing off winter's covers in my flower beds, hoping the temp. doesn't plunge too low or we avoid a freak snowstorm in March! (SH)