Sunday, August 16, 2009

Easy Street Shopping

Binford, North Dakota has a population of about 200 or less. This is the town where Craig's relatives have lived and died for a long while. We lived there for a few years when Tessa and Brita were little. It has a post office, bank, bar, restaurant and grocery store. Shopping is stress free. When we were back home last week-it was painless to shop and cook. If they had watermelon that's what I bought. Sure, I needed to add sugar and lemon juice to give it some umph, but it worked. The cucumber's were like limp biscuits, but when you need a cucumber, a limp one works. There might be steak, perhaps not. She could have ordered nectorines, they could be gone. You are thankful to purchase what is ordered. There are 3 kinds of cookies. They all taste the same. You can be done going up and down the 3 short rows in record time and the clerk carries your bag or bags out to the car. It is SOOOOOOO simple and uncomplicated. You have to go to plan 'Q' sometimes, but I like adventure.

Shopping here isn't an adventure, it is starting to be an ordeal. Maybe I'm getting senile, or aging or am phobic about going out or something. The thing is, I really don't want to play this game anymore. Should I order everything from Amazon?

Saturday, I needed to replenish some toiletries and basic staples. I stood in Rite-Aid's lotion row for what seemed like hours. The foot, face, hand, tinted, non-tinted, glowing, sun-block, oil-free, organic, botanicals, brand name and generic options and decisions to make, made me dizzy. I finally shut my eyes and grabbed, hoping Brita would approve.

If you see me all bed headed and greased up next time, know it has all been too complicated and overwhelming, and I caved in to mayonnaise for conditioner, olive oil for lotion and dish soap for shampoo.

In the toilet paper isle, I go straight to the Scott 4 roll pack. NEVER vary! I know exactly where it is, along with everything else, which makes me a repeat customer at our local Safeway because of this.

I'd rather take a whipping than go shopping, for anything! Can I go to the river yet?

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