Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

Yesterday, three of us girlfriends went to Friday Harbor. The San Juan Island's never cease to enthrall me! We drove out to Lime Kiln Park to enjoy the trails, the lighthouse and hoped to see wildlife. They had never been there, so it was fun to show them around.

The madrone trees in the park are peeling and revealing the pale yellow flesh underneath layers of eggplant, plum, apricot. The bark strips off like thin, delicate paper, giving the limbs so much texture. I don't know if they do this all year, or at a certain time. The smooth bark is irresistible, it must be caressed! I stopped to rub my cheek on the silky smooth places, blushing in their nakedness.

This is how I count the wonderfulness of a day, like points. Yesterday was amazing; 1 eagle, 23 seals, 3 porpoises, 1 jellyfish, 3 does, 1 Paul Bunyan big sea lion and one broken little toe from climbing around on rocks with flip flops on. Ouch. But it couldn't rob me from enjoying the wonders of the park.

Kathy and Sarah were caring friends, getting some ice and helping me put my foot up when we made it back to town.

Next time, we have to remember to pack a picnic lunch to share. The sunshine was glorious, a rip tide made swirling eddies to intrigue us, making it hard to leave.

Living here is full to the brim with unmatched scenery, abundant wildlife to enjoy in their natural habitat and water enough for any kind of water sport or enjoyment.

Winter is on it's way, but not quite yet. We will squeeze, then wring out every last drop of summer before it comes.

Just another day in paradise. Will someone send me this post sometime in February? :)

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