Monday, August 3, 2009


Madeleine L'Engle says, "I have a point of view, you have a point of view, God has a view".

Henry Blackaby says something to this effect; we are nose to nose with the circumstance, like seeing the Chamber of Commerce float going by in the parade, while God sees the whole parade, the beginning where it starts and the also the end. His view is different than ours-big, wide angled, aerial. Ours is locked onto what's directly in front of us, small, confined, narrow.

"God's glory is just around the corner" someone will say when you feel like you're drowning in a deadly storm. Instinctively, I want to punch them in the nose! Scream! But I have to save my breath and strength........

It seems like it is true though. It's a trust thing. Today it is comforting to borrow his view.

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