Tuesday, August 25, 2009


ilove: a opening a new box of crayons. eating fruit, veggies and herbs from our garden. watching birds take a bath. the scent of loverby's t-shirts. burying my face in the sweet necks of people ilove. dewdrop diamonds on leaves. brown craft paper. seed packets. sinking my hand in a barrel of lavender. swinging. rocking. going barefoot. being naked. biting a crisp apple. lotioned feet. pesto. water. old sheet music art. avocados. watching surfers. lighthouses. sunshine soaking in. rocks. wood fires. sauteing mushrooms. hand sewing. sterling silver. soft wrinkles. loving eyes. kneading bread. picking a bouquet. planting seeds. music and lyrics. down comforters. reading. hand crafted artisan creations. books. boats. seals. kisses. you.

ilove you 'specially.
ilove you best.
ilove you most.
ilove you more.
ilove you forever and ever, amen.


Anonymous said...

And Like Tom T. Hall would say "And I Love You Too"

Your Mr Loverby

Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

Ahhh...! I can agree with your list -- except, of course, your most intimate moments with the ones you love! ;o) I'll save that for the ones I love!! I may have to go buy a box of crayons now!

KoverB said...

Go for it Melisa! :)