Friday, August 21, 2009

When Movies Make Me Cry

Last night all four of us were together for supper, lingering over our lemonade in the garden room. Brita had mowed the lawn earlier, the scent drifted sweetly over us. My family looked so soft and beautiful in the candlelight. It was a treat, we don't have many meals together any more. I felt like a mama hen with her brood all cuddled close.

Earlier, before supper Tess and I harvested her basil and made a batch of pesto by adding olive oil, sea salt, garlic, parmesan, cream and toasted pine nuts. It had an incredibly intense flavor. This huge pile of leaves only made 6 small portions when it was all ground up. I hope we can glean one more harvest before winter.

Afterwards, Tess wanted us to watch a movie called "Big Fish". We all cried and cried at the end. Well, us girls did. Very sweet love story. My favorite line was, "I get so dried out".

It was simply a lovely, quietly satisfying evening. I love my family and love times when we're together and cozy. Being. Becoming. Bonding. Snuggling. Talking. Catching up. Connecting.

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Anonymous said...

I Love All My Girls!!!!! What a great eve!!!!!!

Mr Loverby